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     On the show, Larry's guests learn how to take responsibility for their lives and move forward with positive changes. Be sure to check here to catch up with our guests to see how they've put Larry's advice into action for themselves and how they've managed to change their lives since coming on the show.

After the show "At Odds Over Corporal Punishment," Bobby entered a 60-day rehabilitation process and has returned a changed man to his family.


After the show "Holiday Apologies" aired, Betty, Linda & Johanna shared a memorable Christmas celebration as a new family.

After appearing on "Wives Confront Their Husbands About Being Horrible Dads," Freddie surprised Jessica by changing his behavior for the better.
Susie and Darin, from "Raising Kids to Be Racist," took Larry up on his offer to send them to lunch.

Latoyya and Daniel, from the show “You’re Not the Person I Married” are in counseling.


Ben and Olivia, from the show "WasThis Marriage a Mistake?" have separated.



Corey Rager and his mom Kati Monahan, from the show "Controversial School Policies and The People Who Oppose Them".


After appearing on the "Weight Harassment" show, Dawn and Roy are making an effort to lose weight together.
22-year-old Sarah from "Is Obesity a Disease? Is Gastric Bypass the Cure?" talks about life after gastric bypass surgery.