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What Happened After the Show: Susie, Tiffany and Darin

The Situation Then: Susie and Tiffany first appeared on “Raising Kids to Be Racist” on November 4th, 2004. Susie said she doesn’t have anything against black people – only the black people who want to date her daughter Tiffany. To Tiffany’s dismay, Susie firmly believes people should date within their race and disapproves of her relationship with Darin, a 21-year-old black man.

Tiffany has chosen to live with Darin despite her mother’s disapproval but wants to mend the fences between them. As a means to that end, Larry offered to send Susie and Darin to lunch to talk about the situation.

The Situation Now: Darin and Susie took Larry up on his offer in an attempt to smooth things over and understand each other better. See how things went in this video clip.