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Friday, December 3

"Multiple Kids from Multiple Men"


See what Larry has to say about Thomas' views on child support.

Bill Cosby sparked a national debate when he denounced the black community for having children out of wedlock, collecting welfare and neglecting to raise them properly. Today our guests discuss the presence of a cycle in which women who have multiple children with different men may make their children more likely to make the same questionable decisions. Learn about their stories below:


29-year-old Danielle and 24-year-old Clara are young mothers who personify the lifestyle that Cosby disdains. At 16, Clara had her first child and has since had two more children – all by different fathers. Danielle says she first had sex at the age of 12 and now has five children fathered by four different men. Both women have accepted welfare for their children. The cycle is seemingly present in their lives: Clara has followed in her the footsteps of her mother, who had children with multiple men, while Danielle’s oldest daughter is acting out and possibly in danger of repeating the cycle.


Having slept with more than 300 women, Thomas has admittedly been irresponsible about his sexual activity. At age 25, he has impregnated seven children with four different women. Thomas says he is having a difficult time supporting all of these children when his salary is barely enough to support himself. Video Clip: See what Larry has to say about Thomas’ views on child support. Now Thomas is trying to be a better father but believes his street upbringing left him with little parenting skills.


A happily married couple, Kathryn and Nathan say Cosby is right on the money with his assessment of the black community. Nathan grew up in the ghetto but made positive strides to find role models and make a good life for his family. Though he has at risk of repeating a negative cycle, Nathan says his choice for change was what made the difference. He urged today’s guests not to let their circumstances dictate their own futures.


Though Delilha has three kids by three different men, she considers herself someone who has successfully overcome the cycle. After making a conscious decision to turn her life around, Delilha went back to school and became a respiratory therapist. She also took parenting classes to learn how to better raise her children. Delilha believes women in her position should stop placing blame and start looking forward to improve their situation.

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