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Friday, December 10

Listen to Your Elder: Infidelity


Larry and Donna's kids can't understand her wish to have plastic surgery.


Kevin is in a tough predicament: his family refuses to accept his girlfriend Lawanda. Kevin’s sister Sheila defended the family, saying that they believe Lawanda is using Kevin for money. Sheila also isn’t entirely convinced that Kevin is actually the father of his and Lawanda’s three children. Hurt by the allegations, Lawanda asked Larry to administer a paternity test, which determined that Kevin is indeed the kids’ father. Larry’s Take: Sheila should respect Kevin’s decision to be with Lawanda. She also needs to rethink her bias toward Lawanda now that her suspicions have proven wrong.


Is it possible to repair a relationship after infidelity? Leo isn’t so sure. When he and his wife Maggie separated briefly earlier this year, Leo was under the impression Maggie wouldn’t date anyone else. Maggie maintains that she thought the relationship was over and that she needed someone to turn to after a series of deaths in her family. Now they’d like to reunite, but Leo isn’t sure he’ll ever be able to trust Maggie again. Larry’s Take: Maggie can’t expect Leo to forgive and forget overnight. Healing will take time and counseling may be in order to resolve pre-existing issues.


When 43-year-old Donna looks in the mirror, she sees someone who needs a massive amount of plastic surgery. Donna’s kids Frank and Kristin see a beautiful woman who can’t recognize her own appeal. Frank and Kristin are also concerned about the potential cost (upwards of $25,000) and say that the money should instead be saved for their 5-year-old brother’s college fund. Larry’s Take: Donna needs to feel beautiful inside or the changes on the outside won’t do her any good. He offered to set her up with a self-image counselor before she makes her final decision about plastic surgery.

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