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Friday, December 17

"Honor Roll"

Today Larry salutes the efforts of heroic citizens who made a difference in 2004. Find out their incredible stories below:


16-year-old Celia never expected that her participation in a Yahoo! chat room would afford her the opportunity to save lives – and avert a Columbine-style massacre. When her correspondence with a disgruntled Michigan high school student became alarming, Celia alerted her father George, a police officer. The would-be bomber had sent hate-filled messages and attack plans to Celia, which they used to obtain a search warrant. The police in Clinton Township, MI, found weapons, bomb-making materials and assault weapons in his home and the boy was arrested. Steven, a student at the targeted high school, and his mother Susan appeared on the show to offer Celia heartfelt thanks from their family and the many families she heroically saved.


When two of Nina’s sons were kidnapped by their father, Nina was panicked and turned to the police for help. Distraught by the lack of attention her case was receiving, Nina turned to Ed Wunsch’s Parental Abduction Recovery Team, a non-profit organization devoted to finding missing children. The recovery team found the children in Athens, GA, where Nina was quickly reunited with them. Nina says she is forever grateful to Ed and his team for their selfless and swift work.

To make a donation to this amazing non-profit effort, make checks payable to Parental Abduction Recovery Team and send to:

Parental Abduction Child Recovery Team
1043 Grand Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105


The Lemon family was first featured on The Larry Elder Show in September 2004, when they told the remarkable story of how their family of 22 came together. Unfortunately, since that time, Lamont was laid off from his job and the family was given a deadline of December 31st to move out of their home. To make their holidays a bit brighter, Larry surprised Debra and Lamont with some helpful gifts for the home and the news that their move-out deadline was extended.

To make donations to the Lemon Family, please make checks payable to Project Lemon-Aid and send to:

Project Lemon-Aid
PO Box 1332
Chicago Heights, IL 60412


Heroes come in all ages, shapes and sizes – as evidenced by 12-year-old Mariah Schroeder. Mariah learned that her young neighbor friend was being locked in her room with no access to food, water or bathroom facilities every time her father left the house. To communicate, Mariah and her friend developed secret knocks and codes through the wall, but Mariah became so concerned that she bravely alerted her mother and the police to the apparent child abuse. Police were able to rescue the child, who is now living with her uncle.


As an avid violin player, Susan Pascale was dismayed to learn that her daughter’s school in California did not offer a violin program. Three years ago, Susan took matters in her own hands and started an orchestra. The orchestra is thriving and was recently invited to perform at New York’s prestigious Carnegie Hall in March. However, the group must raise close to $80,000 to make the trip. We wish them best of luck in their efforts!

If you’d like to help send the Pasadena Elementary Orchestra to New York, send checks to:

Middle School Orchestra
Attn: Susan Pascale
1600 Oak Street
South Pasadena, CA 91030

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