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Friday, December 31

Couples in Conflict Over a Spouse's Obsession with Money

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Will Lawrence's cheapness force Kathy to leave him?

According to a Citibank survey, 57% of divorced couples said financial disputes were the primary reason they didn’t get along. Today’s couples are no exception, with money differences running the gamut from rigid frugality to extremely lavish spending. Find out more about their stories below:


Lawrence gives a whole new meaning to “cheap skate,” eating moldy bread and performing his own minor surgeries to save money! Though Lawrence freely admits his frugality, he has a hard time admitting that he’s not being fair to his wife Kathy, who is kept in the dark about their finances and given a $200/wk allowance. Kathy laments the fact that Lawrence refuses to buy car and health insurance for the family and is ready to give up on the marriage if Lawrence can’t make some concessions.

Video Clip: Kathy issues an ultimatum as Larry strives to help this couple find resolution.


Nicole’s closet looks like a rack at any designer department store – Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada, Coach and Christian Dior – and it’s no surprise considering she spends $1500/month on clothes. Nicole’s husband Aaron wants her to realize that they need to start saving for a house and for their kids’ college funds, but Nicole believes in living – and spending -- for the present.


Tiffany has her husband Brad wrapped around her finger – which also sports an $18,000 ring he bought for her. Brad admits that he will buy Tiffany anything to make her happy, including a brand-new BMW, but thinks the spending needs to stop. Tiffany says that Brad knew she was high-maintenance before marrying her and that he should accept her ways. To get to the root of the situation, Larry asked if Brad was trying to buy Tiffany’s love out of fear of losing her. Larry suggested Brad stop enabling Tiffany to take advantage of his generosity


In today’s “Listen to Your Elder” segment, Tiffany has enlisted Larry’s help in getting through to her husband Curtis. In recent years, Curtis has become obsessed with souping up his car and drag racing with his buddies. To Tiffany’s dismay, it often consumes his time and money, leaving little for herself and their children. Now that they are $25,00 in debt, Tiffany needs Curtis to make a change before his hobby destroys their family’s prospects for the future.

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