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Show Airs Friday, January 7

At Odds Over Disciplining the Kids


See expert Stacy Kaiser’s assessment of the situation.

Today’s show features parents who have lost control of their children and seek Larry’s help in finding disciplinary strength. Larry also catches up with past guests to find out how their weight loss journey is going. Learn more below:


After thirteen years of marriage, Debbie and Michael realized their dream of having kids when they adopted three children from their biological mother, Amy. Though their two new daughters assimilated quickly into their family, their new son Jordan was defiant and disobedient. Things deteriorated to the point where Jordan was returned to Amy at his request. Video: See expert Stacy Kaiser’s assessment of the situation.


Valerie is at the end of her rope with her three young boys: Anthony, Joey and Jack. She doesn’t understand why they constantly misbehave around her but seem to respond to their nanny Michael’s discipline tactics. Michael insists that Valerie is too timid about demanding her children’s respect. Expert Stacy Kaiser suggested that Valerie work on transforming herself from “helpless to powerful” with the help of parenting tools and exercises.


Two months ago, Larry challenged Debbie, Angel and Laneice to an 8-week shape-up-and-slim down regimen. All three women appeared on today’s show to update Larry on their progress. They report that the weight loss efforts have been successful, having lost a combined 48 pounds! Past guests Dawn and Roy are also succeeding at weight loss as a couple and stopped by to weigh in and say hello. To reward the guests for their hard work, Larry surprised all of them with a well-deserved spa vacation in Florida!

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Special thanks to Rick Torres, MA, LPC, LMFT, NCC of New Beginnings Counseling Clinic for offering counseling to today’s guests.

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