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Friday, January 14

“Troubled Teens”


Tkai and Nathan describe their fruitless efforts to discipline the kids.

Teens in today’s society face greater pressures and dangers than ever before, including drugs, promiscuity, gangs and alcoholism. The parents on today’s show are worried about their children succumbing to these perils and want to stop their demise before it’s too late. Find out their stories below:


Parents Tkai and Nathan are extremely concerned about their 11-year-old son Nashawn and their 12-year-old son Darius. Both sons are gang members who admit to taking and selling drugs and having sex. Video Clip: Tkai and Nathan describe their fruitless efforts to discipline the kids. Larry introduced Darius and Nashawn to Ronnie, a former gang member who has turned his life around. A former Crip, Ronnie spent most of his life in jail and has lost several family members to gang violence. He urged the boys to take control of their life and appreciate their dad being involved enough to care about them.


17-year-old Emily has been through a lot in the past year: sexual assault, drug rehabilitation and running away from home. Her mother Ruth says that if Emily does not clean up her act, she will have to leave home for good. Emily feels betrayed and says her mother was not there for her when she needed her most. Guest expert Dr. Roger Rhoades encouraged them not to sever ties and to undergo counseling to continue the healing process.


Sisters Deanna and Amy say their life changed overnight when they were wrongfully detained and harassed by police. The girls were pulled over by police one night and taken to the station with no explanation. As retaliation, Deanna and Amy trashed the interrogation room. They are now enlisting a lawyer’s help in rectifying the situation and suing the police force.

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