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Friday, January 28

When Children Cause Relationships To Unravel


Is Steve justified in wanting 'alone time' away from the kids?

At the beginning of a relationship, couples in love can often be shortsighted --neglecting to discuss important issues such as how to raise children. Today’s couples exemplify this issue: they say they love being together but that opposite parenting styles are driving them apart. Learn their stories below:


Melissa and Riley’s marriage is on the rocks because of a power struggle – not between the two of them, but between Melissa and their 4-year-old son Orion! Riley is fed up with Melissa’s lenient discipline approach, while Melissa defends her behavior by saying that she doesn’t want to upset Orion. Melissa’s mother Debra is concerned for Orion’s well-being and wants the couple to develop a more cohesive parenting style. Expert Dr. Debra Mandel counseled the couple, saying that consistent boundaries need to be set before Orion will behave.


Can love overcome all? Steve and Neffertearyea are in love and have a baby on the way, but Neffertearyea is distraught at the lack of time Steve spends with her existing children. Video Clip: Is Steve justified in wanting ‘alone time’ away from the kids? Besides the lack of quality time, Nefferteareya’s other main concern is her lack of trust in Steve after he faked divorce papers from his ex-wife. Dr. Mandel advised the couple that they must receive counseling to regain trust, as well as make an effort to spend more time together and with the children.

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