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Friday, October 1, 2004

Weight Harassment

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See what Roy has to say.

Being overweight is a considerable health burden for anyone to bear, but with the societal pressure for women to be thin and beautiful, it can also be a major detriment to a female’s self-esteem. Heap an unsupportive husband making derogatory weight comments on top of that and succeeding at weight loss can seem like an impossible dream for some overweight women. Find out how today’s guests are coping with their husband’s verbal harassment and what the husbands plan to do about it:


After bearing four children, Dawn says she has been on a “weight rollercoaster” and has gained about 90 pounds. Though she’s tried every diet in the book, Dawn has had a hard time taking off the extra weight. She says Roy calling her names like “Fat Bitch” and “Big Mama” only make her feel worse and fuel her insecurity, while Roy says he only calls Dawn names when she is bothering or nagging him because he knows they bother her. See what Roy has to say in this video clip.

Larry introduced the couple to Dr. Stacy Kaiser, who advised Roy that the verbal abuse must stop and Stacy that she must find an additional support system outside the home.


Though Tedra has only gained 30 pounds since marrying Frank, Frank says that is thirty pounds too many – “If I wanted a fat wife, I would’ve married one.” Frank is concerned about Tedra’s weight for not only her own health, but also the health of their relationship since he is rapidly losing his attraction to her. His aversion to her weight has gotten to the point where he can’t even watch Tedra eat. Frank says that since he is the breadwinner, Tedra should have more time on her hands to work out because she is a stay-at-home mom. Larry suggested that Frank be more supportive of Tedra by watching the kids at night while she works out if he wants her to lose weight so badly.

 What Happened After the Show:

Ben and Olivia appeared on the previous show, “Was My Marriage a Mistake?”
The couple was having a hard time seeing eye-to-eye on some crucial issues:
Olivia was concerned that Ben does nothing to help take care of the children or the house, while Ben felt that Olivia needed to be more ambitious and supportive of his own dreams of being an actor.

On today’s show featuring couples in crisis, Larry followed up with Ben and Olivia and found that the situation has worsened. After the show, Olivia had her tubes tied and moved out of the house with her children in hopes that Ben would wise up and start treating her better. Their separation is scheduled to last for six weeks, after which they’ll make a permanent decision about their future. For more information on Ben and Olivia, visit our Guest Updates section.

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