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Friday, February 4

Parents Concerned About Their Teen Girls’ Reckless Behavior


Did Jessica really have a plot to kill John?

What happens when parents do “all the right things” but still can’t seem to influence their teens to stay on the straight and narrow? Today’s parents say they are on the verge of giving up. They feel they’ve tried to teach their teens the difference between right and wrong but feel helpless in the face of their teens’ promiscuity and drug use. Learn their stories below:


Parents John and Kim say their daughter Jessica’s promiscuous behavior is out of control and that the number of men she has slept with is in the double digits. After Jessica was caught having group sex while babysitting, the friction in their family has now reached a boiling point. Jessica admits that she often feels angry and resentful towards John since he isn’t her biological father. Video Clip: Did Jessica really have a plot to kill John? Guest expert Stacy Kaiser urged John and Kim to give Jessica less independence and take a tougher stance in disciplining her.


Ever since getting re-married, Kim says her relationship with her daughter Latoya has gone downhill. Kim worries about Latoya’s promiscuous behavior, lying tendencies and truancy from school, but Latoya complains that if Kim would just start listening to her, she may change her behavior. Adding to the problem is the fact that Latoya feels that her stepfather verbally abuses her and Kim and that Kim does nothing about it. Stacy Kaiser advised Kim that Latoya will not be able to respect herself or others until Kim starts taking a stand against her husband’s behavior.


With a history of addiction in their family, Amber is especially alarmed at her 14-year-old daughter Allison is dabbling in drugs and drinking. Allison admits to smoking marijuana and using speed, as well as stealing a car. She says that she isn’t sure why she does the things she does, but she hopes to turn her life around one day and become a lawyer. Larry and Stacy Kaiser commended Allison on having goals and dreams, but warned her that her current path is veering away from her desired destination.

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