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Friday, February 18

A Family’s Triumph: A Father Returns from Rehab


Sisters Monir and Angie have a powerful reunion moment.

The Kestler Family first appeared on the show “At Odds Over Corporal Punishment” on January 5, 2005. Learn more about their amazing story and find out what’s happened since the show:


After a 60-day stay at the Comeback Treatment Center, Bobby Kestler has finally reunited with his wife Monir and their daughters Tiffany, Dallas and Tyler. Bobby entered the facility after the show to deal with his drinking and anger problems. While Bobby was away, the rest of the family focused on making their home more conducive to Bobby’s recovery. They also met with psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser for counseling and to define family goals.

Video: Watch Bobby's emotional return to his family.

Now that Bobby has beaten his addiction, Monir and the girls say that life is completely different at home. Not only is Bobby twenty pounds lighter, but he is also calm and sober for the first time in ten years.


As a special surprise for Monir, Larry invited her sister Angie to the show. The siblings haven’t seen each other in five years, and Angie was unaware of what Monir was going through until watching the show. Video: Monir's and Angie's reunion is a powerful moment. Also strongly affected by the Kestler story was Danielle, a viewer whose father recently passed away. Danielle’s upbringing was very similar to that of the Kestler girls and she says she wants to commend Bobby on taking steps to mend relations before it was too late.

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