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Friday, February 25

Larry Makes Dreams Come True


As a special surprise, budding forensics investigator Ricky is sent to the “CSI” set.

Today’s guests have inspired many of their tales of resilience and triumph against tough odds. Learn more about their lives and see how Larry rewarded these amazing role models:


Talk about a full house! Marco and Kaye Rodriguez and their ten children are known as model citizens in their hometown, where they reside in a very small dilapidated home. However, what they lack in space they make up for in love. The family is very close and collaborates daily on homework and playing music together.

To reward this family who are desperately in need of better living quarters, Larry surprised the Rodriguezes with a brand-new 6-bedroom, 3-bathroom home. The home is being built thanks to the generosity of several companies and Phil McIlveen, directory of the Tolleson Assembly of God Food Bank. Larry also teamed up with Mervyn’s to take the family on a $2400 shopping spree and showered them with gifts, sports tickets and a Cancun vacation.


It’s hard to believe that this lively and bright 14-year-old broke his neck and was given a grave prognosis after being hit by a car just one year ago. Amanda says her son Ricky’s incredibly brave recovery from the accident surprised and delighted everyone. Despite being internally decapitated, Ricky was walking within a week of the accident and has taken on his lot in life with humor and optimism. Video Clip: As a special surprise, budding forensics investigator Ricky is sent to the “CSI” set. On top of the Hollywood tour, Larry also surprised the mother and son with a computer from Hewlett Packard and a free trip to Nassau in the Bahamas.


82-year-old Dorothy devoted much of her life to staying fit and active so that she’d be able to enjoy her later years with her three children in good health. Sadly, Dorothy fell two years ago and lost the use of her legs as a result. Her children say that her resilient spirit and life teachings have inspired them and want to thank her for being an amazing mother. To help them do so, Larry surprised Dorothy with a therapeutic ThermoSpa healing hot tub to help ease er pain, as well as a free vacation to Cancun for the family.

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Special Thanks to:

The country’s largest retailer of hot tubs, ThermoSpas donated their “The Healing Spa” product (designed in collaboration with the Arthritis Foundation) for today’s guests:

USG (United States Gypsum Company) donated dry wall for today’s guests. For more information on their services and building materials, call Lin Collins at 623-463-6082 or visit:

CertainTeed donated roofing services for today’s guests. They manufacture roofing, siding, windows, insulation, fence, decking, railing, foundations and pipe products. For more information, visit:

AJ Madison (“the one-stop shop for your appliance needs”) and Whirlpool Gold donated all appliances for today’s guests:

Six-star resort Omni Cancun Hotel & Villas donated all-inclusive vacation packages for today’s guests. For more information on their European vacations and all-inclusive packages, visit: donated airline tickets for today’s guests. To find the best bargains from multiple travel sites with just one search, visit:

British Colonial Hilton Nassau Bahamas donated a vacation package for today’s guests. For more information on their honeymoon and romantic getaway offerings, visit:

Mervyn’s donated a shopping spree for today’s guests. A family-friendly department store, they offer trend-right fashions and home products at affordable prices:

Professional maid service Reliable Cleaning Inc. donated housecleaning for today’s guests. For more information on their services in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas, call 213-804-0337 or visit:

Special thanks to the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks for donating sporting event tickets to today’s guests. For more information on games and events, visit:

Disney donated Disneyland tickets to today’s families. Plan your own adventure at:

ABC Driving School donated driving lessons for today’s guests. Get behind the wheel by calling 602-272-1908 or visiting:

Avis donated rental vans for today’s guests. For more information on their rental vehicles, visit:

Domestications (“America’s Authority in Home Fashions”) donated a gift certificate for today’s families:

Microsoft donated Xbox and video game products for today’s guests:

Additional Thanks to: Bank of the West, Hilton La Posada Resort, Home Depot, WalMart, Klein@Associates Limited, Camco Design Build Inc., Nations Strategy, Desert Estates Painting Co., Got Furniture, The Mortgage People, Ambrosy Landscaping, Best Brothers Lawn Equipment, Ron Wortman, Pioneer Rock, Arizona Asphalt, Carol Medelson and the cast and crew of CSI, and to Phil McILveen.