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Friday, March 18

Judge Mathis Joins Larry to Help Troubled Teen Boys


Ronald seems oblivious to the consequences of his actions.

On his television court show, Judge Greg Mathis has made it his mission to help troubled teen boys get on the right path. He has a personal stake in doing so – Mathis himself was involved in street life as a kid and didn’t turn his life around until his mother was on her deathbed. Today he and Larry hope to make a difference in these teens’ lives at the request of their own desperate mothers. Learn their stories below:


With Tyler’s habit of skipping school and daily marijuana usage, his mother Letha feels unsure that he’ll ever graduate. She pinpoints his father leaving the family when Tyler was eight as the turning point of his behavior, but Tyler insists that his father is a “great guy” whom he can talk to about his problems. Tyler’s and Letha’s own relationship is in turmoil, with Tyler physically attacking Letha as recently as a month ago. Judge Mathis urged Tyler to consider that he is a source of stress to Letha, and that he should reconsider his behavior before it becomes a health issue for his mom.


Lisa is concerned that 17-year-old Ronald’s sexual and gang activity may lead him to a fate of jail or worse. Having been caught for theft and assault, Ronald will go to jail for eight years if he is caught committing another crime. Video Clip: Ronald seems oblivious to the consequences of his actions. Larry and Judge Mathis tried to open Ronald’s eyes and show him that the pop culture thugs he tries to emulate do not embrace that lifestyle in reality. They urged him to pursue his dream of becoming an auto mechanic and turn his life around before it’s too late.

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