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Friday, March 25

"Are You Accountable For Your Kids' Actions?"

When a child finds himself or herself in serious trouble, should parents take the fall? Today’s guests are parents who found themselves suffering serious consequences as a result of their children’s actions. Find out what happened below:


After bringing a butterfly knife to school in seventh grade with harmless intent, Nick was sent to boot camp under his school’s strict zero tolerance policy. Over the course of three years, Nick was sent back to boot camp several times and subjected to what he calls humiliating and dehumanizing treatment. His parents Steve and Susan say the school acted against their wishes and that the boot camp left Nick without crucial life and social skills he’ll need to succeed. Larry sympathized with the family, but advised them that they must not use the boot camp experience as a crutch for letting Nick underachieve.


When 16-year-old Michael missed 23 days of school because of illness, his father David was sentenced to spending 23 days attending class with Michael. Though the school and court had advised Michael that he could’ve avoided punishment if he’d just obtained a doctor’s note, Michael feels that the entire situation was unconstitutional. As a parent, Michael says that he should have the right to determine whether his child is healthy enough to attend school. Larry told Michael that whether or not he agrees with the law, it is still in existence and Michael must comply with it if he wants to avoid consequence.


When a teen is sent to a juvenile facility, should his or her parents have to take on the residential costs? Lillie found out the hard way that the state of Pennsylvania believes that parents should indeed pay for juvenile stay. Danny spent time in juvenile custody after he was accused of stealing marijuana; Lillie was asked to foot the bill. Though she was able to get the charges negated after Danny turned 18, she still maintains that the system needs a major overhaul.

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