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Friday, April 1

"Families At Odds Over a Black Sheep"

Although many families have a “black sheep” member, today’s guests say that their respective black sheep are causing major disturbances within their families. From drug addiction to physical fighting, serious issues are tearing these families apart and they ask Larry’s help in putting an end to it. Find out more about their stories below:



Faith and Danielle say that their brother David’s cocaine addiction is on the verge of destroying their family. Though David was shot in the head by a drug dealer, he says that even that incident was not enough to inspire him to kick the addiction. He says that he is now ready to admit his problem and do something about it. However, Faith and Danielle allege that their mother Marilyn and David’s fiancé Sue are enabling David by not putting their foot down and, in Sue’s case, using drugs along with him.

Larry and guest expert Stacy Kaiser commended David for being ready to make a change but urged him to make a heartfelt apology for the way it has affected the family. David agreed to attend rehabilitation at Summit Center immediately after the show – stay posted for updates on his progress.



22-year-old twins Scott and Steven have passed the point of what most would consider “normal” sibling rivalry. Their physical fighting has escalated to the point where they’ve thrown bottles and chairs at each other, and their mother Kim says the fighting needs to stop if they don’t want to be kicked out of the house. Scott and Steven say that they love each other – they just don’t like each other. After the boys asserted that they respect their stepfather for making Kim happy, Larry asked them to consider their own behavior and how that affects Kim’s happiness.

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David received drug rehabilitation services courtesy of Summit Centers Malibu, a residential program nestled in the cliffs just above the Pacific Ocean. For more information, call 866-589-0505 or visit:

Advice Archive: If drugs are an issue in your own family, click here to find out how you can stage an intervention to help the one you love.