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Friday, April 8th

"Honor Roll"

Have you done your good deed of the day? Today’s guests have done the good deeds of a lifetime with their heroic actions and endeavors. Read more below:


The senseless death of his son and other gang-related community violence led Ako Abdul-Samad to found Creative Visions, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping youth leave the gang life behind. Along with thousands of other teens, Nicole credits Ako with turning her life around. At age 16, she arrived at Creative Visions homeless, addicted and involved with gangs and prostitution. She says that Ako’s no-nonsense, compassionate approach was responsible for motivating her to make positive change.

Rodney, the man who killed Ako’s son, also appeared on today’s show. Instead of harboring anger toward Rodney, Ako took Rodney under his wing after his son’s death. Ako promised his forgiveness if Rodney would live his life in Ako, Jr.’s honor and stay out of trouble. Rodney appeared on the show today to tell Ako that he has made good on his promises and present Ako with his recent college football accomplishments.



A routine ice fishing trip almost turned into tragedy when 16-year-old Ben fell out of the boat and underneath the ice. Sam, his 13-year-old brother, immediately rushed to rescue Ben from the frigid water and was able to extract him despite the fact that Ben weighs 30 pounds more. Today Ben credits Sam with saving his life and says that their relationship has never been better. Sam says that his display of brotherly love was nothing that Ben wouldn’t have done for him in the same circumstances.



From struggling with alcohol addiction for 13 years to founding Racing for Recovery, Todd Crandall has been on extreme sides of the addiction spectrum. Todd says he was inspired to start Racing for Recovery after his third drinking-and-driving offense. The organization’s mission is to prevent substance abuse and provide positive alternatives for those battling addiction. Scott says he and his 15-year-old daughter Natasha are living proof that Racing for Recovery works; he gives Todd sole credit for helping Natasha attain sobriety.

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