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Friday, October 15, 2004

A Mother Asks for Larry's Help With Her Troubled Twin Boys & Couples Discuss When Intimacy Becomes a Problem in Marriage


See what happened with Matthew and Matt during the commercial break.

Today Larry deals with common problems in today’s society: troubled families and couples who lack intimacy in their marriages. Meet today’s guests below:


Ever since Linda and her ex-husband Mark, Sr., divorced a year ago, their twin boys Matthew and Mark have consistently run away from home, done drugs and performed poorly in school. Now that she has custody, Linda says the boys have stressed her out to the point where she feels her health is at risk and that if they don’t shape up soon, she’ll have to turn them over to the state. Mark, Sr. wants to help but says the boys are even more defiant to him than their mother. Larry suggested the couple consider reconciling despite Mark’s previous infidelity for the sake of the children.

Web Exclusive: See what happened with Matthew and Matt during the commercial break.


Five years of marriage have not lessened this couple’s feelings for each other, but it has had an impact on their sex life. Danette says Frank is not interested in having sex with her, while Frank says that all of their other issues keep them from having a healthy sexual relationship. Among his worries are Danette’s daily heavy drinking and her attentiveness to her teen children. Larry advised Danette to step back and assess her drinking problem so that she can get help and move forward with her marriage to Frank.


Though Todd and Landra are divorced, they still live together to raise their children and are deeply in love. However, Landra says that she can’t keep up with Todd’s sexual needs because her work and child-rearing schedule tires her to the point of sexual complacency. She also feels unattractive, having gained 50 pounds since the birth of their children.

Todd wants things to work but says he may have to leave again if he and Landra can’t agree on a sex life that satisfies them both. Larry recognized their connection and said that all hope is not lost – it is simply a matter of riding out the storm and Landra working on her self-image.

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