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Friday, October 22, 2004

Kids Harassed by Family Members About Their Weight

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Larry and our producers talk with Kim, Shalee and Chelsey during the commercial break

Overweight children often deal with teasing at school, but today’s guests have an extra burden to bear – harassment at home.


At almost 300 pounds, 16-year-old Leighann wants to make a positive change in her life and lose weight, but her family isn’t helping matters with their taunts and name-calling. Her mother Linda and brother Kevin admit to calling Leighann hurtful names (even though they have each struggled with weight issues themselves) but say they only do it out of frustration. Larry advised Linda that the only way Leighann can succeed at weight loss and in life is if Linda gives her positive reinforcement rather than tearing her down.


14-year-old Chelsey says she is constantly called “fat” and “lazy” by her mother Kim and sister Shalee. Kim attributes her behavior towards Chelsey to an anger management problem but feels helpless since doesn’t have the funds to get help for it. The family has dealt with a lot of hardship and abuse and all of them resort to different methods of coping from food to cruelty. Larry commended them for wanting to make a change and offered help after the show since Kim is unable to arrange for it on her own.

“ During the Break” Web Exclusive: Larry and our producers talk with Kim, Shalee and Chelsey during the commercial break.


Though Shelby earns high grades at school and is involved in softball, she has a hard time believing in herself because her mother Angela and sister Cheyenne are always teasing her about being overweight. Angela says that she is tired of Shelby always blaming her problems on her weight and wants to help Shelby lose weight if she can commit to it. Larry pointed out that Shelby receives enough teasing at school and that Angela and Cheyenne need to make their home a place of security and encouragement before she can succeed at weight loss.

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