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Friday, October 29, 2004

Losin’ It With Ruben Studdard

Singer Ruben Studdard has already accomplished one amazing feat – winning over millions of Americans to claim the title of “American Idol.” Now he’s ready to conquer another world – the world of weight loss!

At 449 pounds, Ruben is ready to trim down to a healthier weight with the help of “The Larry Elder Show” and “EXTRA!” As part of the weight loss plan, Ruben will spend the next eight weeks in a lavish home in the Hollywood Hills working with top trainers and nutrition experts. Learn more below:

Click Here For a Look Behind the Scenes of Today's Show.


Click Here For a Look Behind the Scenes of Today's Show.


Ruben’s weight loss plan has been carefully designed with the help of Lindora CEO Cynthia Stamper Graff and personal trainer Gunnar Peterson. Cynthia appeared on the show to explain the “Lean for Life” program to Ruben, which will help him lose 10% of his body weight in ten weeks. The program is designed to be low-carb, low-fat and protein-heavy for maximum impact. Gunnar Peterson also detailed Ruben’s fitness plan and will be working with Ruben in the house’s personal gym.


After hearing of Ruben’s weight-loss plans, three of his biggest fans were inspired to join him on the journey. Meet Laneice and Angel, who have struggled with weight issues their entire lives. They’ll be following the program along with Ruben and were thrilled to meet him in person! See the clip of Ruben’s surprise for the fans here. As extra support, Angel’s mom Debbie announced that she would be doing the program alongside her daughter.


Bally Total Fitness personal trainer Seven Boggs stopped by to share her fitness tips with the panel and Larry. She also announced that the panelists and audience would be getting free memberships to Bally Total Fitness.

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Special thanks to Lindora for providing Ruben and the audience with free weight loss tools – for more information on the Lean for Life plan, visit:

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