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Friday, November 5, 2004

“Couples at Odds Over Who Won the Election”

In one of the most heated elections ever, George W. Bush took home the presidential gold on November 2nd, 2004. Families and couples all over the country that have been divided between Bush and Kerry now face a potentially lengthy healing period. Today Larry talks to couples who are trying to overcome their political differences:

Click Here For a Look Behind the Scenes of Today's Show.

Click Here For a Look Behind the Scenes of Today's Show.


Jay-Are and Natalie first appeared on the show on October 27th, 2004, for “Families at Odds Over the Election.” Natalie was upset because she did not realize Jay-Are was a Republican until she was already in love with him. Now that Bush has won the election, Natalie and Jay-Are are trying to repair their relationship. While Jay-Are is convinced the country made the right decision, Natalie is skeptical that Bush will keep his promises but says she will try to accept his leadership. Video Clip: Audience member Joann debates the merits of being a Republican with Natalie.


Sonia says that her fights with Tim about politics are so intense that Tim’s veins usually pop out! Tim just doesn’t understand how Sonia can be Hispanic and work in public service but still support Bush. Tim believes that minorities are negatively affected by the war and that the war will only worsen under Bush’s continued leadership. While Tim argues that Bush uses the public’s fear against them, Sonia supports Bush’s war on terror and says that we don’t even know how many enemies our country has.


Father and daughter pair Leo and Laurie have two things bonding them together: work and family. Yet the time they spend is tainted by their extreme political differences. The only thing Leo and Laurie can agree on is that they don’t agree! Leo believes that “democracy is not a spectator sport” and that Bush is the best candidate to further democracy, while Laurie says the “war on terror” is a façade.


Before the election, John and his girlfriend Maggie agreed to do the civil thing in promoting their political interests. John placed a Bush/Cheney sign on the front lawn and Maggie a Kerry/Edwards sign. As time went on, the collection of paraphernalia grew and started attracting tourists!

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