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Friday, November 12

Segregation by Choice

After the many civil rights advances of recent years, why would anyone advocate the return of segregation? That’s the question Larry is asking today’s guests, who are debating segregating their own communities. Find out the details below:


Should colleges hold separate graduation ceremonies for black students? Tanoa and Nina think so. Tanoa says that “black graduation” is a celebration of overcoming the struggles unique to black students, while Nina believes in the cause so much that she helped produce the black ceremony on her campus. Walter thinks students like Tanoa and Nina need to appreciate the unity between different walks of life. Holley is strongly against black graduation and says that she would’ve rather received her diploma in the mail than attend a segregated ceremony.


The city of Detroit is in an uproar over the proposal of African Town, a sector of the city in which black business owners would receive government assistance to cater to black patrons. Sandra is a local business owner who supports the idea. She points out the success of other ethnic neighborhoods and says it’s time for a similar concept for African-Americans. As a city councilwoman, Kay is opposed to African Town and voting against it. She believes it is a form of reverse racism and that the majority of citizens do not want African Town to be introduced.


Wells College has had a rich tradition of being an all-girl institution for 137 years. The college is planning on going co-ed out of financial necessity and sophomore student Rachel is furious. She feels she will be cheated of the benefits associated with going to a women’s college and that the university should seek alternate ways to stay afloat. Craig is a college student who penned a newspaper column supporting Wells’ decision. He counters that diversity will help the school and that going co-ed is better than cutting educational funding.

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