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Friday, November 19

Grow Up and Get Out

Did you know that almost 60% of children ages 22-24 years old are still living with their parents? The parents on today’s show say their children fit into that category and that they need Larry’s help telling them to “Grow Up and Get Out!” Find out their stories below:


Donna is at a stand-off with her 27-year-old son Will, who still lives at home. Though she has tried kicking him out numerous times, Will has resorted to sneaking in windows and picking locks to get back in. With no car, no job and a possible dependence on drugs and alcohol, Will says he lacks motivation to succeed in life. Larry encouraged Will to clean up his act if only for the sake of his 6-year-old son.


With three twenty-something children living at home, Sandra and Norman have the exact opposite of empty nest syndrome! Sandra feels their children Nikia, Maurice and Ebony need to move out and be independent, while Norman encourages them to use the home as a safety net. Larry helped Sandra and Norman reach a compromise and set a deadline of one year for the children to move out.


At age 18, Whitney is seven months pregnant and staying with her mother Tonya. Though Whitney has a job and is still in school, Tonya is disappointed with her negative attitude and unwillingness to contribute around the house. Tonya has offered to set Whitney up in the garage, but Whitney hasn’t made any moves to help out financially or otherwise. To rectify the situation, Larry offered to lend Whitney the money to turn the garage into a home with the condition of working it off later.

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