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Monday, April 18th

"Unfaithful Mates: Have These Relationships Survived?"

Today Larry follows up with some of this season’s most memorable relationship stories to see how things have shaped up since the show:


The first time Payton and his ex Erin appeared on the show, Payton was trying to extract himself from Erin’s life in order to be with his new girlfriend Kristy. With children by both women, Payton found himself in a tangled web and a fight for his time and affection. Relations between Erin and Payton had taken a bitter turn, but Erin insisted that Payton was still sleeping with her and lying about it.

Things hadn’t changed much upon their second appearance on the show. Kristy accompanied Payton to defend his honor and let Erin know that she didn’t believe her accusations of infidelity on his end.

Update: Today both Payton and Erin say they’ve tried to take a more mature and civil approach to each other for the sake of their daughter. Payton is still with Kristy and the couple is making plans to marry.



After Syndeity’s admission of multiple affairs throughout her relationship with Aaron, Aaron was having doubts about whether their daughter Aubriann is truly his child. Syndeity resented Aaron’s doubts though admitting infidelity, attributing her straying to the fact that she wanted more affection and romance from Aaron. To put Aaron’s fears to rest, a paternity test was performed by DNA Testing Solutions and found that Aaron is indeed Aubriann’s father.

Update: Following two appearances on the show, Syndeity and Aaron briefly broke up but quickly realized they wanted to be together. Now reconciled, the couple says they are much happier and that communication is improving.



Sean and Mya appeared on the show in hopes of reclaiming what they called “love at first sight.” Things had deteriorated in their relationship upon Mya’s suspicions of Sean’s cheating and Sean’s accusations that Mya is a control freak. Expert Stacy Kaiser gave the couple tips on rediscovering their chemistry and learning to compromise.

Update: The couple entered marriage counseling after the show and says that their relationship has improved “tremendously.”


Though Jason and Tara were preparing to walk down the aisle, Tara was having a hard time moving past Jason’s affair with her best friend and other suspected instances of infidelity. Tara said that until she found out the truth, Tara wouldn’t be able to trust Jason to be a loyal husband and father to her two kids. However, Tara’s suspicions were causing her to act overbearing and overly possessive of Jason, which left him feeling smothered and frustrated. Despite reluctance on Jason’s part, the couple agreed to enter counseling at the urging of Larry and Stacy Kaiser.

Update: The couple now says they are “happier than ever” and are even considering pushing up their wedding date.

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