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Monday, November 22

"Men Who Say Their Exes Keep Them Away From Children"


Miranda fesses up to telling the kids negative things about Aurora.


When Jonathan left Miranda for Aurora two years ago, Miranda retaliated by telling their children that Aurora was a “homewrecker” and a “whore.” Miranda became bitter after she caught the philandering Jonathan in a hotel room with Aurora, who at the time was a friend. Now Jonathan and Aurora are married with a child of their own, but Jonathan wants Miranda to stop poisoning their own children against him and allow him more time with them. Video Clip: Miranda fesses up to telling the kids negative things about Aurora.


Ex-spouses Debbie and Stephen are at odds over time spent with their 11-year-old daughter Tia. Debbie says Stephen doesn’t deserve time with Tia because he neglects occasions like birthdays and holidays and only sees Tia at his own convenience, while Stephen says Debbie is trying to retaliate against him for leaving by keeping Tia away. Things have gotten so bad between Debbie and Stephen in the custody battle that Bambi has threatened to leave Stephen unless things improve.


Freddie and Jessica first appeared on the show “Wives Confront Their Husbands About Being Horrible Dads” on October 28, 2004. Find out whether Freddie shaped up in our Guest Updates section.

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