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Monday, November 29

"Why Are White Women Taking America's Eligible Black Men? "

Though interracial relationships are increasingly more accepted in society, some citizens still feel that it’s important to “stay with your own kind” when it comes to love. Today’s guests have a range of opinions on the subject; learn more below:


Jordan and Karen are of the school of thought that black men wrongly surpass strong black women for white women. Jordan rationalizes the trend by saying that black men prefer the “passive nature” of white women. Though Karen herself is married to a white man, she says she would do it all differently if she had the chance to change the past.

Daval and Mikal say that they are living proof that interracial relationships can work. When they first met, the overwhelming attraction drew them together and overshadowed any other factors such as race. According to Mikal, there is a shortage of good men regardless of color and she feels lucky to have found Daval. Daval disputes Jordan’s and Karen’s perspective, saying that interracial relationships are a product of positive evolution.


After ten years of marriage with a black woman, Ron says he will never, ever date or marry another black woman. He says he endured “grueling misery” in a series of same-race relationships and that black women are prone to violence and antagonism. Though he tries not to generalize his experiences to all African-American women, Ron does believe that our society is breeding many undesirable black women.


Like Ron, Kourtney has sworn off dating within her own race. She says that she prefers black men because they treat women better than white men. Though Kourtney admits that she initially dated Darnell out of curiosity, she says Darnell has taught her that good men do exist. Darnell adds he is willing to endure the animosity of others because “you can’t help who you love.”


In Kadeja’s eyes, black men who date white women are “defectors.” She devotes a wall in her home to pictures of black men being lynched and tells her family members who date white women that they’re next on the lynch list.

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