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Monday, December 6

"Is It A Disease?"


Watch Larry debate Kingsley and Dr. Releford on the merits of their argument.

Can poverty and sexual addiction be considered diseases? Today’s guests believe so and say their lives have been altered because of these afflictions. Others say it’s just a way for people to place blame for their own vices. Find out their stories and draw your own conclusions below:


Having cheated on his wife Eliza for the last five years, Eric attributes his behavior to a problem with sexual addiction. Eliza discovered his infidelity when she found Eric’s secret cell phone and used it to call one of his mistresses, only to find out Eric had also been living with her. Eliza has a hard time believing Eric has a disease and doesn’t know whether to leave him.

Guest expert Dr. Drew Pinsky counseled the couple, saying that while he could not diagnose whether Eric truly has a disease, it is very difficult to quantify sex addiction. He added that while it could just be an excuse for his behavior, Eric should consider seeking treatment.


Jerry admittedly has an addiction to sex and online pornography, which makes his wife Ana sympathetic despite the fact that he has cheated on her at least 12 times. Though they are now separated, Jerry wants Ana back but isn’t sure he can overcome his plight. Dr. Drew said that because Jerry is molested as a child, he is predisposed to have a sexual addiction. He advised Ana to stop being codependent and make Jerry accountable for getting his life in order.

 Ryan, Kingsley, Dr. Releford & Sam       

Is poverty a disease? Kingsley Jones and Dr. Bill Releford strongly believe that it is indeed and that more resources need to be allocated to its cure. Video Clip: Watch Larry debate Kingsley and Dr. Releford on the merits of their argument. 22-year-old Sam appeared on the show to testify to Kingsley’s approach. Having left the streets behind through Kingsley’s mentorship, he credits Kingsley with his newfound success. After successfully rising from poverty, 27-year-old entrepreneur Ryan begs to differ. He says that overcoming poverty is a choice and calling poverty a disease kills motivation to succeed.

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