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Monday, December 13

"Can You Get Out Of A Gang?"

Gang members often feel that there is no way out, but Larry begs to differ. He implores today’s guests to stop making excuses and choose to be productive members of society. Learn more about our guests below:


Jose has been immersed in gang culture since a young age and was “jumped into” the gang at 15. Though his sister Sandra is extremely concerned, Jose sees gang life as his normalcy and has no plans to leave its confines. When asked about his goals, Jose envisions starting a construction company but has no motivation to start school or training. As incentive, Larry offered to send Jose through Devry University’s Bridge College Preparatory Program.


Known to his gang cronies as “Blue,” John has been a gang member since the age of 13. John’s family life hasn’t been easy – his father was murdered and he doesn’t get along with his mother. He feels that his friends in the gang look out for him, a comfort he hasn’t experienced elsewhere. Though John feels he is destined for prison or death, Larry reminded him that he can make a positive change and offered to set him up with a GED preparatory course.


Richard says he is living proof that you can escape gang life. Since leaving the gang three years ago, Richard says he hasn’t looked back and is now employed by Homeboy Industries, a job placement service that provides counseling for former gang members and helps them with tattoo removal and job placement. Richard advised Jose and John to see that there is no future in gang-banging and that only we can fix our own problems.


Years ago, Larry and Chico Brown met during a joint appearance on “The Geraldo Rivera Show.” At the time, Larry told Chico he deserved to go to jail for his choice to sell drugs. During his eight years in Jail, Chico stewed over the comment and vowed to do harm to Larry upon his release. However, upon hearing Larry’s radio show years later, Chico realized that Larry helped him realize that life is about his choices. Larry and Chico are now friends and Chico credits Larry with much of his turnaround. Chico now runs the gang-prevention division of A Place Called Home, a center for at-risk youth.

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