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Show Airs Monday, January 10

Story of the Week: Surviving a Stalker

Nikki and Yvette talk about how the stalking affected their lives.

Stalking is a scarily prevalent issue in today’s society. In fact, the Stalking Resource Center reports that 1 in 12 women and 1 in 45 men will be stalked in their lifetimes. Read the frightening yet triumphant stories of two women who’ve been through it below:


When Katie Call first met her now ex-boyfriend Todd, she found him to be intelligent and endearing. As the relationship progressed, Todd became very possessive and text messaged her close to 800 times a month. Katie repeatedly tried to break up with him, but Todd wouldn’t have it. When she finally succeeded in ending the relationship, Todd responded by putting hidden cameras throughout her home and spying.

Though Katie confided in her mother Marcia during this time, she did not elaborate as to how bad the situation truly was. The saga ended when Todd showed up at Katie’s door armed with a gun and shot her. After a 12-hour standoff with the police, Todd shot himself but, like Katie, did not die. Katie is now using her story as a cautionary tale to help other women avoid dangerous stalking situations.


Nikki was just a freshman in high school when she became a stalking victim. Both Nikki and her mother Yvette got the impression that her boyfriend was a nice person, but they quickly learned otherwise. Her boyfriend forced her into sexual activity against her will and spread rumors about her, as well as forbade her from wearing certain clothing. When Nikki tried to break up with him, he responded by making phone threats to kill both her and Yvette. Though her ex-boyfriend has now been expelled, he is still walking the streets awaiting trial.

Video Clip: Nikki and Yvette talk about how the stalking affected their lives.

Tammy McElyea, a domestic violence coordinator who assisted Nikki in getting through the trauma, says that teen stalking is more common than popularly thought. She adds that many teen victims keep the situation from their parents and encouraged them to talk about it as it can save lives.

Do guardian angels really exist? Donna McGlashan thinks that Vinny D’Amelio is living proof that they do. After Donna crashed her car into a utility pole, Vinny was driving by and heard Donna’s screams. He then freed her from the burning wreck and took her to safety. Though Donna sustained extensive injuries, she recovered after a brief hospital stay. While in the hospital, Vinny took it upon himself to make some needed improvements to Donna’s home so she’d have a warm welcome upon her homecoming. We salute Vinny for his bravery and kindness!

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If you or someone you know is being stalked, you can do something about it by calling the National Center for Victims for Crime at 1-800-FYI-CALL or visit the website at:

Advice Archive: Click here to find out how to spot a stalker and what to do if you think you’re being stalked.

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