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Monday, January 17


Amanda makes a heartfelt plea for forgiveness.

Can today’s couples overcome suspicion and cheating hearts? Find out below:


Though Sean and Mya both fondly recall their meeting as “love at first sight,” things have deteriorated in their relationship since that initial spark. Mya accuses Sean of cheating with his ex, while Sean thinks Mya is a control freak who doesn’t know how to compromise. Expert Stacy Kaiser suggested they rediscover that strong chemistry and use it to work as a team on recognizing each other’s needs.


Is it cheating when you’re separated? Unfortunately for Amanda, her fiancé Mike thinks so. Though she and Mike were only broken up for a week, Amanda briefly got together with a co-worker during that time and Mike can’t let it go. They are now reconciled and have a child, but Mike suspects their child may not be his since Amanda became pregnant around the time of the breakup. Video Clip: Amanda makes a heartfelt plea for forgiveness. To rectify the situation, Amanda has agreed to take both a polygraph test and paternity test. Stay posted to the show and website for an update on the situation.

Jason and Tara first appeared on the show “Confronting an Unfaithful Mate” in November 2004. Jason had just ended an affair with Tara’s best friend, which was revenge on Tara for cheating on him with his worst enemy. After the show, the couple says things did temporarily improve but now the relationship is back to status quo. Tara is so suspicious of Jason that she won’t let him out of her sight, while Jason feels smothered and frustrated. After talking with Larry and Stacy Kaiser, Jason agreed to try counseling despite his previous resistance to the idea.

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