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Monday, January 31

Families Who Won’t Accept Biracial Children


Are Alicia’s prejudices too over the top?

In a 1958 Gallup poll, only 4% of white Americans approved of interracial marriage. Today that number has risen to 70% of whites and 80% of blacks, but those who continue to oppose interracial marriage do so vehemently. Today’s guests firmly believe that such relationships lead to “unnatural” children and the diluting of race. Learn more about their opinions below:


Though Richard and Alisha aren’t related, they share a common belief that blacks who marry whites are contributing to the demise of the black race. Video Clip: Are Alicia’s prejudices too over the top? Alisha says she feels less close to her bi-racial niece than her other relatives, while Richard has disowned his son Patrick, who married a white woman, and consequently, his grandson. Larry urged Richard not to penalize his grandson for the choices his father made and to make amends.


As bi-racial women, Charise and Kara take issue with Richard’s and Alisha’s stance as ignorant and inaccurate. Though both struggled with defining identity amidst both worlds while growing up, they now embrace their heritage and say that they are no less “natural” or equal than anyone else.


A self-proclaimed “black separatist,” Johnny sides with Richard and Alisha. He believes that mixing white and black blood only serves to weaken the black race. Though he himself is of Native American and black heritage, Johnny says that his heritage is more acceptable since it is the product of people of color.

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