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Monday, February 14

Does Love Have An Age Limit?


The constant fighting between Doug and Sonya drives Ethel to the brink of tears.

According to a recent poll, more than half of Larry Elder viewers believe that age should not be a factor in relationships. Today’s guests don’t share that view – they believe that their cherished family members are trapped in harmful relationships with someone much older or younger. Find out their stories below:


In the five years since 64-year-old Ethel and 39-year-old Doug got married, it’s been a rocky road for her family. Though the couple is very much in love, Doug says that the disapproval of Sonya and Ethel’s other children has driven a wedge into their happy relationship. Video Clip: The constant fighting between Doug and Sonya drives Ethel to the brink of tears. Guest expert Stacy Kaiser counseled the couple, saying that the different life stages that Doug and Ethel are in may add additional stress to the family dissent. She also advised Sonya and Doug to be respectful in each other’s presence for Ethel’s sake.


Vivian and Nikki are worried about their 24-year-old sister Raenada, who is on the verge of marrying 43-year-old Michael. Their main concern is that Michael has children by three different women and that he may not be an ideal father figure for Raenada’s future children. One of Michael’s kids is just two years younger than Raenada, but she insists that it doesn’t bother her in the least. Raenada has no plans to leave Michael’s side but would like to move forward with her family’s blessing. Larry offered to send the family to dinner in hopes that they can get to know each other better and start healthier interactions.

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Special thanks to Rose Ann Grillo, LCSW, of Liverpool, NY, for providing counseling for today's guests. For more information on her services, call 315-451-4018 or e-mail:

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