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Monday, February 21

Couples Facing an Ultimate Betrayal


Lesley and Darren discuss the fallout that occurred after the ex-wife debacle.

Today’s couples are dedicated to making their marriages work, but say that lingering issues may make it impossible to ever find true relationship happiness. Find out more about their stories below:


Respect is one of the core ingredients in any relationship, and Lesley feels that her own marriage to Darren is sorely lacking in that area. According to Lesley, Darren constantly prioritizes his parents’ needs over their own and never stands up for Lesley. The last straw for Lesley was when his ex-wife dropped in for a surprise visit while they were visiting Darren’s parents. Video Clip: Lesley and Darren discuss the fallout that occurred after the ex-wife debacle. Larry and guest expert Dr. Debra Mandel advised the couple to work on improving their communication skills and addressing the power struggle inherent in their marriage.


Rebuilding trust after betrayal has been a rocky road for Derrick and Tiffany. After years of Tiffany leading Derrick to believe her daughter Chanel was his child, Derrick found out otherwise only after overhearing a conversation between Tiffany’s relatives. As the last to know, Derrick felt stunned and sickened and has understandably had a tough time forgiving Tiffany for lying about the paternity situation. Larry and Dr. Mandel urged the duo to try to capture the positive things about their relationship and use it to get them through the hard times. They also suggested Derrick undergo counseling to resolve his lingering anger.

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