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Monday, February 28

Internet Affairs Tearing Couples Apart


Dr. Roger Rhoades opens Debra's eyes to Alan's indifference.

The lure of the Internet has created a whole new breed of cheating mates, and today's guests are experiencing its aftermath firsthand. Pornography, sex and Internet addiction go hand in hand for several of the men on today's show and their wives feel helpless to make it stop. Find out more about their stories below:


After discovering that her husband Brian's secret sex addiction, Kimberly says she can never view him the same way. For years, Brian has carried on illicit Internet chats with many women and even gone as far as sleeping with several of them. Kimberly's suspicions led her to snoop through Brian's computer, upon which she discovered his online infidelity with girls as young as 16 years old. Though Brian recognizes his problem and is taking steps to change, the couple remains in a very painful place. Larry and guest expert Dr. Roger Rhoades suggested that as long as Stephanie accepts his behavior without consequence, Brian will be conditioned to continue cheating.


For most people, marriage entails putting your significant other first in life. For Alan and Debra, that hasn't been the case. While married to Alan, Debra learned of his addiction to online pornography and became deeply disturbed. Six years into the marriage, she gave Alan a choice: “lose your porn habit or lose me.” Surprisingly, Alan let Debra go without a fight. Video Clip: Dr. Roger Rhoades opens Debra's eyes to Alan's indifference.


On the flip side, Brandi and Michael say Internet pornography is the best thing that has ever happened to their marriage. As adult website entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, the couple shares the experience of exploring traditional sexual taboos together. Though they acknowledge that their lifestyle isn't right for everyone, they say it adds more value to their own relationship.

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