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Monday, March 7

A Look Back at Memorable Families in Crisis

Today Larry revisits compelling stories of family crisis that resonated with our viewers. Learn more about our guests’ stories and what happened since the show below:


India’s oldest two children, Uni and Rebecca, felt that their relationship with India was irreparable because of her past of choosing men over them. Rebecca was once kicked out of the house so India’s boyfriend could stay, while Uni was repeatedly taken advantage of sexually by a past boyfriend – with India’s knowledge. Uni and Rebecca had contacted the show in hope that India would change her ways before it is too late for their 14-year-old sister, Chrissy.

Since the show: Unfortunately, the family reports that relations have not improved between India and her daughters.


As the mother of Justin’s children, Jessica complained that she was not receiving as much loyalty from Justin as she felt she deserved. Justin’s mother Tracy and Jessica couldn’t seem to get along, further exacerbating Jessica’s frustration because she felt Justin always took Tracy’s side. Larry and guest expert Stacy Kaiser urged Justin to take control of the situation and also urged the women to have more respect for each other’s roles in Justin’s life.

Since the show: Justin has moved out of his mother’s house and in with Jessica. As for Tracy and Jessica, they are making efforts to put their differences aside for Justin’s sake.


After ten years of silence, Kathleen was hoping to break the ice and long-standing rivalry with her brother John. While growing up, Kathleen believed that her parents viewed John as the golden child and felt unloved as a result. She also believed that John had turned against her because of her sexual and racial preferences. On the flip side, John asked Kathleen to stop holding on to the past so tightly and admit that she had wronged him as well. Larry suggested that Kathleen and John write each other letters with all of their feelings and opinions so that they can fully say everything that need to express and move on.

Since the show: At Larry’s recommendation, the siblings are now trying to rebuild their relationship through email correspondence.


Roy and his wife Heather felt that his ex-wife Kari had proven to be an unfit mother for their four children. Heather alleged that Kari taught the children how to lie, steal and even how to roll a joint, all the while neglecting to pay child support. While Kari admitted to a past with drugs, she insisted that she’s been clean for two years and was even willing to take a drug test to prove it.


Tyree and her four boys were caught in the crossfire between her current husband Cary and her ex-husband Ron, who fathered the children. For two years, the venomous relationship between the father figures had affected the way the children view their stepfather Cary. Cary claimed Ron was trying to turn the children against him, while Ron said that Cary’s anger problem was endangering the kids. Larry encouraged the two fathers and Tyree to step up, set their differences aside and put the best interests of the children first.

Since the show: Tyree says that her marriage has improved and that, though the custody battle with Ron continues, she feels confident the family will work things out.


When Johanna found her biological sisters Linda and Betty Lou after 40 years of searching, it wasn’t quite the emotional reunion she’d hoped for. Johanna yearned to get to know their families but was told by Linda that she was not welcome at last year’s Christmas celebration. In Linda’s eyes, Christmas is a close-knit tradition meant to be celebrated with family and Linda wasn’t sure how Johanna would be received. This year, Johanna implored Linda to change her mind with little luck. After an emotional talk onstage, Johanna accepted Linda’s offer to visit for Christmas Eve and work towards getting to know each other better.

Since the show: The trio did indeed spend the holidays together with great results.

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