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Monday, March 14

Larry Surprises His Most Controversial Guests

Today Larry follows up with memorable guests and stories that have made waves in the past. Catch up with them below:


Kim and Jessica first appeared on the show “Parents Concerned About Their Teen Girls’ Reckless Behavior” on February 4th, 2005. 16-year-old Jessica’s parents turned to Larry for help after the tension in their family reached a boiling point when Jessica was caught having group sex while babysitting. Jessica was also suspected of hatching a plot to kill her stepfather John.

Now, a month after the show has aired, Kim says that Jessica’s behavior has not changed for the better. Though the family tried to put Jessica in counseling with the help of the show, she was turned away from several counseling centers because of an excessively bad attitude. To make the difference for Jessica, Larry introduced her to Sgt. Major Smith, head of the JAM Youth Connection and Sister Soldier Military Academy. After admitting that she needs help, Jessica agreed to accompany Sgt. Major Smith and join her bootcamp behavior modification program.


Mother/daughter team Milland and Marissa originally appeared on the show “Listen To Your Elder: Families Ask for Larry’s Help in Resolving a Dispute” on October 20, 2004. Marissa was feeling resentful because after Milland moved their family to a new home, Marissa was unable to have contact with her friends. Milland’s hope was that Marissa could realize that all she wanted for the family was to get them out of the projects and into a safer atmosphere.

Since the show, Milland reports that Marissa is feeling more adjusted and starting to make new friends. As a happy medium, Larry sent a limo for Marissa to pick up her old friends and take them to Hollywood Park for some fun and frolic.


On November 23, 2004, Syndeity and Aaron appeared on the show “Couples in Conflict Over the Child Of An Affair.” After Syndeity’s confession of infidelity, Aaron was questioning whether he was truly the father of their child Aubriann. A DNA test was performed while at the show and revealed that Aaron was indeed the father.

Since the show, Syndeity has stopped cheating and the couple has entered counseling, which they say has helped greatly. However, Syndeity says she still feels removed from Aaron. She wishes he would show her more affection and initiate intimacy more often. They hope to make their relationship work for the sake of their four children.


Thomas and Trina originally appeared on the show “When Kids Are Caught in the Middle Between Battling Spouses” on October 12, 2004. Trina was fed up with Thomas’ frequent instances of infidelity and was considering leaving him for good. During Larry’s questioning, Thomas got so riled up that he left the stage briefly in anger.

Five months later, Thomas says that though Larry got under his skin at the time, he is grateful for Larry’s help now. Through better communication and counseling, the couple feels that their marriage is back on the right track. Trina is working on improving her self-image, while Thomas has completely quit drinking and philandering. To reward the couple for turning things around, Larry surprised Thomas and Trina with an eight-day getaway to London and Paris, courtesy of Contiki.

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