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Monday, March 21

Listen To Your Elder: Family Edition

Today’s guests look to repair weakened family ties with Larry’s help. Learn more about their stories below:


Birthdays are supposed to be happy occasions, so why did they tear apart this mother-daughter relationship? After throwing her mother Mary an extravagant 60th birthday party, Toni felt slighted when Mary didn’t even acknowledge her 40th birthday just one month later. At Larry’s prompting, Toni realized that her frustration toward the incident stemmed from her feeling that Mary pays her siblings more attention than her. Larry offered to send the duo out to dinner to discuss past misunderstandings and work toward a more peaceful future.


Kim and her 12-year-old daughter Stephanie are in a catch-22. Stephanie wants Kim to trust her more, but Kim says every time she gives a disciplinary inch, Stephanie takes way more than a mile. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Kim feels that she always has to be the “bad guy” because Stephanie’s biological father is not as involved as she would prefer. Larry advised Kim that she has to stop giving inconsistent discipline, while also advising Stephanie that as long as she continues to take advantage of her mother’s approach, she will have less freedom.


After seven years of estrangement, is it possible for Rhonda and Maggie to put aside their differences? Maggie decided to write Rhonda off after she tried her hardest to help Rhonda escape a series of abusive relationships, but to no avail. Rhonda also owed Maggie a considerable sum of money that had never been paid back. Now Rhonda wants to prove to Maggie that she is sorry and has turned her life around. Larry offered to send the sisters to visit their father’s gravesite together and for dinner as a start for rebuilding their foundation of trust.

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