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Monday, March 28

"Time to Grow Up"

Did you know that 22% of Americans ages 18-29 believe that you are not truly considered an adult until you have your first child? With statistics like those, it's not surprising that some young adults are reluctant to take on adult responsibilities simply because they turn 18 years old. Today's guests are parents of young men who are having trouble leaving the nest and accepting mature responsibilities. Learn more about their stories below:


18-year-old Bryan’s parents Christine and Wally say that Bryan has pushed them to the brink of frustration. Despite having been arrested several times, Bryan has not discontinued his drug use or gang involvement. Christine wants Bryan to straighten up his act and get a job so that he can start supporting himself and being a productive member of society. Larry advised Bryan that he must find focus and direction if he wants to turn his life around. To help get Bryan on his feet, Larry introduced Bryan to an opportunity with Job Corps, a live-in job placement program in California.


Though he's about to be a father, 22-year-old Justin feels aimless and despondent about his future. Since his recent separation from his wife, Justin has been living with his mother Patty and stepfather Doug, who are fed up with Justin's attitude and marijuana use. Doug has even gone as far as helping Justin land two jobs, both of which Justin blew off after several days. Justin says he realizes that he is in a downward spiral but doesn't know how to take action.

Larry urged Justin to come to grips with and realize the urgency of his situation for the sake of his future child. At Justin’s request, Larry introduced him to several representatives from the Navy, who may be able to provide more structure for Justin through the military.

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