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Monday, April 4th

"Confronting Irresponsible Mothers"


Larry talks to India about her painful past.

When asked who their role models in life are, many Americans would cite their mothers as a primary influence. However, what happens when mothers set a poor example for children? Today’s guests are in question because of poor choices that have adversely affected their children. Learn about their stories below:


India’s oldest two children, Uni and Rebecca, say that their relationship with India is irreparable because of her past of choosing men over them. Rebecca was once kicked out of the house so India’s boyfriend could stay, while Uni was repeatedly taken advantage of sexually by a past boyfriend – with India’s knowledge. “During the Break” Video Clip: Larry talks to India about her painful past. Uni and Rebecca say they want India to change her ways before it is too late for their 14-year-old sister, Chrissy. Expert Stacy Kaiser commended the sisters on their unified front and urged India to expel her ex-boyfriend from their lives immediately.


Roy and his wife Heather say that his ex-wife Kari has proven to be an unfit mother for their four children. Heather says that Kari has taught the children how to lie, steal and even how to roll a joint, all the while neglecting to pay child support. While Kari admits a past with drugs, she says that she’s been clean for two years and is willing to take a drug test to prove it. Stacy Kaiser advised the guests that, if they cannot resolve issues between themselves, they must at least curb the yelling and accusations in front of the children.

Listen to Your Elder: Terajee, Salimah & Jacque    

Sisters Terajee and Salimah contacted the show because they want their mother to dress more appropriately for her age. They say that her immodest dress is coupled with dating men too young for her and acting irresponsibly. Jacque wants her daughters to accept her for who she is and focus on their own lives. Larry’s verdict: When the children have moved out, Jacque is free to conduct her life as she pleases, but while with the girls, Jacque should make an effort to dress more conservatively.

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