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Monday, April 11th

"Is School Failing Our Kids?"

With initiatives like “No Child Left Behind” and standardized testing results constantly in the headlines, education has become a major hot button in today’s society. Today’s guests debate the issue of public vs. private vs. home schooling and what they feel is best for their children’s futures. Read more below:


Sandra is an avid supporter of the public school system, while Julia is someone who home schools her children and wouldn’t have it any other way. In Julia’s eyes, public schools cater to the common denominator and do not have acceptable offerings for gifted or remedial children. Sandra believes that public school exposes to children to diversity and more extracurricular opportunities. She insists that when parents and teachers take an active role, public school education is the optimal choice.



After spending nine years as a public school teacher, Yardan has a thing or two to say about America’s education system. Though he does admit that overcrowding is a problem, Yardan believes that public schools are a smart choice. He adds that laws such as “No Child Left Behind” put too much pressure on the teachers and not enough benefit on the children. Paul, a parent, has sent his daughter to private school and thinks that putting a voucher system in place will enable more families to have the same option.



Lavonda is very outspoken in her criticism of public schools. She began home schooling her children because she strongly believes that schools are not providing a diverse enough curriculum on heritage and history. Fabiola disagrees – as a person of color, she says she is living proof that the public school system is sufficient. After going through the public school system, Fabiola was able to learn English and eventually gain a full scholarship to the University of Southern California.

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