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Monday, October 18, 2004

When Race Becomes A Dividing Issue in A Relationship


Get a glimpse of Dr. Rhoades’ and Larry’s conversation on the situation during the commercial break.

It’s hard enough being a victim of racism, but imagine if your own spouse held racist views – against you. Enter the dilemma today’s guests are dealing with: spouses who call them racist names, claim superiority and pass judgment because of race. Learn their stories below:


Though Forrest admits to being prejudiced against Mexicans, he has only dated Mexicans exclusively and is now married to Glenda, who is Hispanic. So why does he go for Mexican women if he looks down on their ethnicity? According to Forrest, it’s because they are less demanding than white women and don’t ask for as much respect. The couple is also dealing with physical abuse and infidelity but are trying to keep it together for the sake of their daughter. Expert Dr. Roger Rhoades suggested that rather than trying to get Forrest help, Glenda should work on becoming stronger so that she can make her own decision whether to stay in the relationship.

Web Exclusive: Get a glimpse of Dr. Rhoades’ and Larry’s conversation on the situation during the commercial break.


Nicole says her sheltered small-town upbringing prevented her from being exposed to different kinds of people, but when she fell for William, she fell for him – not his race. However, William thinks Nicole is too judgmental and that she needs to learn to accept his African-American heritage. Recently, the couple filed for divorce: William feels that Nicole trapped him into marriage by getting pregnant on purpose, while Nicole maintains that William blames his drug and drinking problems on her. Larry suggested that the couple stop blaming racism for the real problems between them and give their relationship six months to get back on track.


As the proud parents of 10 multi-racial children, David and Jacki Schwantner know a thing or two about making interracial relationships work! The couple has been married for 15 years and met at a bible study in their local church. They say that their secrets to success are finding time to spend alone as well as with the children and keeping the lines of communication open.

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