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Monday, October 25, 2004

Desperate Housewives


The audience weighs in on Elizabeth's reluctance to discipline.

ABC’s new hit drama “Desperate Housewives” has struck a chord with millions of American women who are despondent and tired of their everyday lives. On today’s show, we put the spotlight on several women who are at their domestic breaking point and ready to do something about it:


Despite having four children to care for, Taralee is so depressed that she rarely leaves her bedroom, sometimes for as long as two weeks at a time. She attributes her state to Brian’s emotional withdrawal from her over the years and their lack of intimacy. Now her 10-year-old does much of the housework and her children have resorted to writing Tara notes to will her to be active again, but Tara still can’t summon the self-confidence to reclaim her “old self.”


Elizabeth is a mother of three but is having a hard time accepting all of the facets of her role. Her husband Jose is frustrated because Elizabeth just can’t bring herself to discipline their children. Though she knows it’s hard to command authority without discipline, Elizabeth is afraid her kids will resent her if she is tough on them. See what the audience and Larry had to say to Elizabeth about her fear of discipline.


Tara appears to have everything on the surface – financial stability, a loving husband and a healthy family, but she says it is still impossible for her to be happy. Jeff’s job requires him to be gone most of the day and evening, leaving Tara alone to care for the kids and the house. She feels that if things continue as they are, their family will be rich but she will have to be medicated.


“Starting Over” life coach and author Rhonda Britten appeared on today’s show to advise our guests. See what she had to say about each story:

Taralee and Brian: Rhonda senses Taralee is depressed and repressing her anger. She also feels that Taralee may be afraid of her own power, which is why he sequesters herself in her bedroom.

Jose and Elizabeth: Rhonda says that until Elizabeth acknowledges that there is a problem, there will be no resolution. Elizabeth needs to decide to change before there can be change with her kids.

Jeff and Tara: For Tara, Rhonda says intimacy will come from having the courage to have the difficult conversations. Tara will have to work on her self-esteem and conflict resolutions skills to make it work with Jeff.

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