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Monday, November 1, 2004

Is It Discrimination Or Not?

Today’s guests feel they have been discriminated against on the basis of race, sexual preference and weight. They’ve enlisted Larry’s help in telling their stories as he asks, “Is it Discrimination or Not?” You be the judge:


Witness the debate about Brandy’s situation.



In recent weeks, the community of Puyallap, WA, was a hotbed of debate after the school board decided to cancel all Halloween festivities. The school’s reasoning was three-fold: to avoid offending the local Wiccan community and to offset the educational time loss and the high price of costumes. Parents like Loni and Staci appeared on the show to express their outrage at the decision, saying their children are being robbed of fun traditions and that local Wiccans were in support of the school’s celebration. However, Larry, a local pastor, defends the school’s stance and says that Halloween can plant harmful seeds in children’s minds.


Former teacher Brandy Stokes is suing the school district that fired her on the basis of racial discrimination. As a white first-year teacher in a predominantly black school, Stokes says she wasn’t able to command respect from her students, who were constantly calling her a “honky” or “cracker.” After Stokes incurred an injury trying to break up a fight between students, she took a brief medical leave but was told that she wasn’t welcome back at the school. Now Brandy is unable to teach in the state of South Carolina and feels her firing was unjustified.

School nurse Beth Jones supports Brandy’s assertions and agrees that the school is a house of “pure chaos.” But today’s guests Keith and Jacque aren’t so sure – they believe that if Brandy was better educated about black culture that she could’ve handled the students more competently. Video Clip: Witness the debate about Brandy’s situation.


When Marie was barred from bringing her same-sex partner to the high school Homecoming dance, she decided to take action. Marie staged a sit-in inside the principal’s office to protest his decision that dates from another school could not attend the dance (rendering Marie’s date unable to accompany her). Although the majority of the student body sides with Marie, students like Melissa and Torey say the new policy has put a major damper on the Homecoming tradition and their senior year.


Imagine being bestowed with an “Employee of the Month” honor – only to be fired three days later! Welcome to Misty’s world. When Ruby Tuesday recently introduced its low-carb menu, Misty was told that she no longer met the company’s image – presumably because she is overweight. Though the restaurant has since publicly apologized and offered Misty her job back, she has refused. Larry surprised Misty with a job offer from another local restaurant: Shells BBQ.

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