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Monday, November 8, 2004

“Should You Forgive After Infidelity?”

Is infidelity forgivable? Though many couples reunite after one or both partners are unfaithful, it is often a rocky road reclaiming their original passion and trust. Today’s guests are trying to determine whether to forgive and reconcile with their unfaithful mates. Find out their stories below:


Though infidelity on both sides has tainted their relationship, Lisa feels nine years of marriage is too much to throw away. While David’s affair was physical, Lisa’ was an emotional affair of the heart. Now they are living apart with potential for reconciliation. Before she can move home again, however, Lisa wants David to make a plea for her return and a sincere apology. David is less positive about the future and feels they’ve been growing apart for years. Expert Stacy Kaiser advised the couple that they need to make a commitment to starting over if they are sincere in their regret.


Payton and Erin have woven a tangled web in their relationship. While still married, Payton wants a divorce so that he can be with his mistress Kristy, who is currently pregnant with his child and also has two other children by him. Erin is hurt and wants Payton to devote himself to her and their own daughter. On top of the confusion over who Payton wants to be with, bitter accusations and the involvement of Payton’s mother have made their breakup even harder. Larry and Stacy Kaiser advised Erin to move on to someone who wants to be with her and treat her right.


After just four months of marriage, Michael wants an annulment. He maintains that Valerie had a lesbian affair shortly before they got married and believes she is not the person he thought he married. Though they are both willing to give it a second chance, Michael won’t do so without the annulment, which in his mind will give him a “fair choice” in deciding whether to forgive Valerie. Larry and Stacy advised the couple that no matter whether they reconcile, they should make an effort to stay civil for the sake of their son.

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