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Monday, November 15, 2004

Racism in Families and Across Generations


Larry tries to convince Mikie that he holds bigoted opinions.


Since her upbringing in an all-white community, Niecie has always shunned black people and chosen to exclusively associate with white people. Her sister Alisha used to share Niecie’s views until she realized that “life is too short to hate someone because of color.” Niecie is currently pregnant with her third bi-racial child, fathered by her boyfriend James. James wants Niecie to reconsider her views and accept his black friends.


As Americans living in the South, Chundy and Mikie say they encounter racism from whites every single day. They say all white people are “rude” and “phony” and that it’s impossible to have a positive experience when interacting with whites. Though they refuse to admit their outlook is racist, the couple plans on passing on their controversial views to their infant son. Video Clip: Larry tries to convince Mikie that he holds bigoted opinions.


These three Chicago high school students are committed to making a difference. As part of a school project, the girls researched the controversial murders of three Mississippi civil rights leaders in 1964. To help promote the re-opening of the case, Allison, Brittany and Sarah shot a documentary to shed light on the subject. Though they’ve encountered resistance from white supremacy groups, they are proud of their efforts and hope to spread the word.

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