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Thursday, April 21st

"Stop Interfering in My Relationship"

Is three really a crowd? Today’s guests seem to think so. They say that their family members are too involved in their relationships and want them to mind their own business. Learn more about their stories below:


As the mother of Justin’s children, Jessica says she expects more loyalty from Justin than she is receiving. Jessica and Justin’s mother Tracy can’t seem to get along, and Jessica is frustrated because she feels Justin always takes Tracy’s side. Video Clip: Justin makes a startling admission. Larry and guest expert Stacy Kaiser urged Justin to take control of the situation and also urged the women to have more respect for each other’s roles in Justin’s life.



Kelly is caught between a rock and a hard place – the warring wills of her sister Wendy and husband Jeff. Wendy feels that Jeff’s controlling ways could lead Kelly down a dangerous path, but Jeff wants Wendy to mind her own business. While Kelly admits that Jeff can go overboard in his possessiveness, she says she wants to stay with him and would never cheat. Expert Stacy Kaiser advised Kelly that she needs to find her own voice instead of constantly being swayed by those around her.

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