Thursday, September 23, 2004

Adults in Love with Teens

Is age really nothing but a number? When adults fall for teens, most people consider it unacceptable, shocking and manipulative on the adult’s part. In many cases, the adult is sent to jail on the basis of statutory rape. But in situations like those of Mary Kay Letourneau and today’s guests, the adults in question contend that you can’t help whom you fall in love with. The guests in today’s two stories are dealing with this dilemma firsthand:


After being sent to jail twice for having sexual relationships with teens, you might think that Rebecca would shy away from dating younger men. Instead the 27-year-old chose to marry then 15-year-old Matt, one of the men she was prosecuted for having sex with. The couple started their affair while Matt was employed by Rebecca’s then-husband; through work, Matt was always hanging around their home and had started having sex with Rebecca behind her husband’s back.
When Rebecca realized she was pregnant with Matt’s child, she left her husband to marry Matt, even though she also had a child by her husband. Now both Rebecca and Matt insist they did not get married out of necessity but out of love. They plan on staying together and raising their child despite the disapproval of the community and their families.

Much like Matt, I.V. also married an older woman –- on his 14th birthday. However, I.V.’s outcome has been completely different than Matt’s as he is now getting a divorce. I.V. started sleeping with 42-year-old Daina, who was his best friend’s mother, one night when he was frightened after watching a scary movie while sleeping over. As their affair progressed, Daina told him that she was pregnant and they made arrangements to get married. Though I.V.’s parents Irwin and Mary were irate, they say they permitted I.V. to marry Daina so that their grandchild would not be born in jail. I.V. says he realized immediately after tying the knot that it was a mistake. Hear what he has to say about the relationship in this clip.

One month after the wedding, I.V and his family discovered that Daina was not in fact pregnant. I.V. is now taking steps to separate permanently from Daina and move on with his young life.

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