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Thursday, December 2

“Couples At Odds Over Finances”


Mamee makes her financial expectations clear to Ray.

The couples on today’s show say their marriages are being torn apart by money, or lack thereof. Studies show that money is the main factor couples fight over and today’s guests are no exception. Can they resolve their budgets and their conflicts before it’s too late? Find out their stories below:


Robert and Lisa are verging on divorce as a result of their financial woes. Formerly successful business owners, the couple lost everything they owned when Robert was incarcerated for 18 months. They now sleep in separate rooms and control their own portions of the budget with little success. Lisa says she is willing to start over but is extremely frustrated at Robert’s inability to save or plan for the future. She feels that he is too extravagant and that they should live more modestly until they have a decent amount of savings.


Brian wants his wife Sunday to start taking responsibility and spending less, but self-described shopaholic Sunday doesn’t think it’s possible. After giving up a lucrative exotic dancing job at Brian’s request, she feels entitled to continue spending despite the fact that they are now living on Brian’s considerably lesser salary. 4000 pairs of shoes later, Brian says they are in the poor house and that they can no longer stay afloat at this rate.


Although Ray is the sole breadwinner in the house, Mamee says she isn’t satisfied with his earning power and expects him to turn over half of his paycheck every week as spending money. Video Clip: Mamee makes her financial expectations clear to Ray. Mamee says that, as Ray’s wife, she deserves to be treated like a princess. Ray would like to go to law school to create a better life for the family, but it’s a constant bone of contention between him and Mamee.

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