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Thursday, December 9

You’re Not The Person I Married

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See Larry's reaction to Daniel's bizarre request.

What would you do if your new spouse did a 180 turnaround and became someone completely different after getting married? Today’s guests found themselves in that predicament after their spouses made significant changes in sexual preference, fidelity, affection and respect shortly after saying “I Do.” Now the question is: to stay together or not?


After a six-year relationship, formerly engaged couple Richard and Stacy have broken up after Stacy’s recent admission that she is a lesbian. Richard first discovered her preference when he caught Stacy frequenting gay chat rooms and asking out women. Stacy has also admitted to having a lesbian encounter during a former engagement to someone else, which Rich says he wishes he would have known about so that he could have ended their relationship sooner. Now Rich says he can’t trust Stacy and is apprehensive about her parenting abilities, while Stacy argues that her sexual preference has no bearing on the time she spends with their son.

Family psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas advised Rich of the importance of talking out his feelings of betrayal and offered counseling sessions after the show.


When Latoyya and Daniel got married, it was the picture of “the perfect family.” Daniel gave rings to her three children during the ceremony and promised to always be there for them. However, now that their marriage is in motion, Latoyya says Daniel has turned his back on her kids – even going as far as to ask them to call him “Mr. Daniel.” Video Clip: Click here to see Larry’s reaction to Daniel’s bizarre request.

Latoyya laments the fact that Daniel is cold to the children and has withdrawn his affection, while Daniel defends himself saying that he feels uncomfortable around the kids, especially when they call him “Dad.”


Three months into their marriage, Mindy says that Joe’s behavior changed and signs appeared that indicated he may be cheating. Because of a previous indiscretion, Mindy had made Joe promise he would be faithful as a condition of her saying “yes” to marriage. Now she is afraid that he has fallen out of love with her and wants the man that she married back.

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