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Thursday, December 16

"Holiday Apologies"


Stacy lays her feelings on the line while Mbusi is reluctant to relent.

For many people, the holidays are an emotional and significant time to be spent with loved ones. Today’s guests say that rifts and feuds are keeping them from being with their family this Christmas and are hoping to change that with an apology. See what happened below:


After five years of feuding, Teri is hoping to make amends with her sister Sharon and her niece Enid. Things with Enid have been strained because Enid claims Teri slept with several of her boyfriends, while Teri’s relationship with Sharon has suffered after their mother’s stroke. Now Teri is hoping to reunite their family before the holidays, but Enid and Sharon are reluctant to forgive. Larry encouraged them to at least consider Teri’s apology and rebuild trust one day at a time.


Is infidelity an unforgivable relationship sin? Mbusi thinks so. When Stacy cheated on him after 13 years of marriage, Mbusi was so hurt that he left her and their four children. Stacy desperately regrets cheating and is pleading with Mbusi to spend the holidays with their family. Video Clip: Stacy lays her feelings on the line while Mbusi is reluctant to relent. Expert Stacy Kaiser counseled the couple and advised Mbusi to at least keep the door open to reconciliation. At Larry’s urging, Mbusi agreed to spend Christmas with the family but says he still isn’t sure whether he can get back together with Stacy.


When Johanna found her biological sisters Linda and Betty Lou after 40 years of searching, it wasn’t quite the emotional reunion she’d hoped for. Johanna yearned to get to know their families but was told by Linda that she was not welcome at last year’s Christmas celebration. In Linda’s eyes, Christmas is a close-knit tradition meant to be celebrated with family and Linda wasn’t sure how Johanna would be received. This year, Johanna implored Linda to change her mind with little luck. After an emotional talk onstage, Johanna accepted Linda’s offer to visit for Christmas Eve and work towards getting to know each other better.

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Special thanks to the following counselors for providing services to today's guests:

Arlene Foreman, M.S.

Diane S. Jerdan

Celeste Sue Benskey, M.A.